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September 1, 2016

Hello fellow Railroaders !

The days are getting longer and a lot of us are itching to start running trains. First comes the big winter clean up.

Our first get together for the season is normally the Nanaimo model Railway show. This year it is on October 24th in the Nanaimo Beban park complex. We are always looking for lots of volunteers to help out It is also nice to meet some of the new members.

As a matter of fact, this year we have two spring shows. The Victoria model railway show has been moved from Sept. to Oct 24th at the Juan De Fuca Recreation Center. We are looking for some members from the deep south to organize and run the show. It is hard for us up islander to do a show in Victoria. Any body who is interested to organize the show or to help out should get in touch with Bruce King. He looked after the Victoria show last year and he can give you some good hints. I attached an E-mail I got from Bruce this morning about the show.

Model Train Stuff


As for the Nanaimo show I’m trying to put together a slide presentation to be shown on a HDTV. The show will have pictures of different layouts on the island. I have a few pictures of some of the layouts, but I like to have more variety. If you have some pictures of your layout , maybe 6 or 8 each, that you would like to include, please E-Mail them to me as soon as possible and I will try to include them. I have a 32″ HDTV I can bring down. If some one has a bigger one that they would like to use, please let me know so we can try it out to see how it works. Any other ideas for the shows would be welcomed. We would like to involve some of our new members so we all get to know each other. If you like to participate, please speak up.

This is all I got for the time being. Please don’t be shy to bring forward your ideas. You can E-Mail me any time.